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EDIT AGAIN: Stupid Google Docs playing silly buggers. Have uploaded both of the files to and they’re accessable via this link:, have changed the file names to make it obvious which is macro enabled and which isn’t

EDIT: The links are pretty difficult to spot on the posts using this theme I’ve found, so I’ve also added links to the two calculators to the ‘screenies and stuff’ page, the link to this is at the top of the bar

So I had a bit of time spare at the weekend and knocked this little excel sheet up so I could look at what kind of spec I could go for with the new renown abilities. For those of us who are security conscious (and why wouldn’t you be in this day and age) the sheet is macro enabled and has one button which is simply used to clear all of the checkboxes, I you really truly dont want to download something with a macro in, I created a version that is competely macro free (you’ll just have to manually uncheck things). You can download either or both of these versions from here. Once these changes have gone live and are confirmed I might do a nice swishy web-based version

So anyway, my thoughts on the changes (full details of the new realm abilities can be found here)…


  • Wounds now worth taking as they increase at the same rate as the other stats (unlike previously)
  • No armour buff anymore (considering this was bugged and only rank I worked, not a major deal)
  • Criticals… 15 more points for 2% more crit than previously… Ouch
  • Resolute Defence, rank I now costs 10 points, this is painful

New Stuff

  • take less damage, deal less damage – hmm interesting, though for pvp I dont think its much use, might be good for tanks in pve though
  • +18% dodge/disrupt, thats pretty impressive, probably better things to take first though
  • +18% parry, pretty impressive also, could be useful for those classes with parry reactionals, especially with the likely nerf to undefendable talismans
  • Reduce chance to be crit by 24%, wait… what??? really??? almost cancels a bw/sorc’s full comb/DM
  • Reduce crit damage by 50%, cancels bw/sorc’s full comb/DM bonus
  • +AP pool… doubt anyone will spec this
  • +health regen… those tanks in full def sov might enjoy this
  • chance to boost movement speed… what is the point of this? odjira in boots proces enough and you’re losing 24 wounds for that, or you could spend 10 rps for a lower chance of a lower boost. Considering those 10 rps could be spent to give +38 wounds
  • improved flee… really? run out of ideas?
  • Cleansing wind… purge, nice. expensive though, and I think i prefer resolute defence
  • efficiency, not too fussed about this either
  • last stand.. interesting but probably not worth it

So, an epic night of SCs (100% win), dinged 67, wrote an addon (a toggler for dascore – seeings as I could only access it with the slash command or a macro since installing minmap) and boxed off my ui to what (I think) I’ll stick with for the forseeable future

Only thing you can’t see on the screenshot is the friendly target, but its just the same as the hostile one but on the left hand side

all bufs stack below the unit frame and debuffs are above

ripped a fait bit from yakui


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you’ll be sorely missed!

Sure, a lot of it was out of date, but there really was no where else with the resources this had, especially spell details ( is probably the next best thing)

So, curse are working on a major new WAR project… could be interesting?

Anyone know anyone willing to write a career builder app? This was probably the thing I used most on wardb (second most would be the renown builder) and as far as I know, there isn’t another one out there. If someone can correct me that would be brilliant. Failing that… Anyone want to write one? 🙂

The WARdrobe

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This is awesome, pure and simple saves faffing about with armour sets in game trying to figure out which set pieces work best

Just add talismans and its perfect

Oh i love scenarios, we had a great group lasyt night with some awesome fights

our group…

Squitch – Zeal
Hellmedic – Sham
Disarm – BlOrc
Finnark – Mara
Litless – dps DoK
Merilees – Sorc

we won most scenarios (which is always a bonus) and had some really nice fights – Kudos to facemelting’s & ishum’s groups – though when someone shouts ‘facemelting/ishum up’ and we all switch target to focus them down I kinda feel sorry for them, but thats the way of the game, and hey, if you’re getting focused it means you’re doing your job right

beginning a sc and seeing someone like ishum in there will always prompt the line ‘kill ishum first, he f***ing hurts’

clocked up around 50k renown last night so I’m only 30k away from 67 and warlord shoulders (yay!) which will no doubt prompt another re-working of equipment (need to get my grubby little paws on DP boots for more crit)

Old School Dungeons

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We rocked through be/bb last night to try and gear up some of our lower rr players

I remember that we used to struggle with those dungeons, took probably around 45 minutes

dual sorc, BO, chos, zeal, sham

the other sorc got sent shoulders (i have no need for anything there so was just along to help) and the BO got sent chest, think there may have been a shammy drop as well

easy peasy 🙂

Going to rock some SCs tonight… lookin’ forward to it

Had some nice scenarios last night. Apart from starting off playing like an idiot it was pretty much all good.

Our group:

Disarm – rr4x Blorc
Squitch – rr66 Zeal
Gwaragh – rr41 Sham
Merilees – rr66 Sorc
Mykael – rr70 Chop
Finnark – rr74 Mara

We all use Enemy as standard and run a single target assist train. If you’re in a pre-made group and you’re not running Enemy (or something similar), quite simply, you’re doing it wrong, the same goes for voice comms.

I simply love having an rDPS in the assist train (though I may be ever-so-slightly biased) it just adds so many tactical options is amazing…

randomstealther pops on healers – they shout, rdps turns round, disarms and kills or roots and everyone moves away. mdps trains would have to reach them first in which time the healer can be dead
an enemy healer or rdps over extends to position on flank away from main fighting, rdps breaks from main assist and kills (sorc is amazing at this)

and more things to boot

on the subject of breaking from the assist train, quite often a bright wizzy or healer will break from their pack to gain advantageous positioning. With a sorc’s rotation (cw, wop, vot, ab, gb, id, hor), quite often players don’t realise that they’re being targetted until its too late. If you think about it, until arctic blast lands (which due to flight time is around the same time that gloomburst lands) the only damaging ability you’ve got on them is chillwind, both word of pain and vision of torment just sit there doing nothing until their timer is up and they explode. Once gloombusrt has landed, the next two spells are instant cast as well (and land instantly) so there’s pretty much no escape.

Assuming full dark magic, you’re going to get a lot of crits with these spells and can easily hit a stupid amount of damage. As everything is hitting around the same time, you need healers that are really on the ball to stop it. On the rare occaision that something survives, they can be easily finished off with either a stricken voices (insta aoe silence + dmg – which also stops them self healing) or frostbite (1s cast disarm + dmg)

We also went to Altdorf in an alliance warband… pretty good fun with some nice fights, and I even respecced to bomb for it… and while I was pretty near the top damage and db chart (didnt get championed so the sorc that did ballooned his score) after playing ST since the last patch, it just didnt feel right and it wasn’t as much fun as single target (which is a massive u-turn for me as I used to be a massive advocate for face-roll bomb spec)