Yay 67!

Posted: 14/10/2010 in General, PvP, Sorceror, User Interface, WAR
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So, an epic night of SCs (100% win), dinged 67, wrote an addon (a toggler for dascore – seeings as I could only access it with the slash command or a macro since installing minmap) and boxed off my ui to what (I think) I’ll stick with for the forseeable future

Only thing you can’t see on the screenshot is the friendly target, but its just the same as the hostile one but on the left hand side

all bufs stack below the unit frame and debuffs are above

ripped a fait bit from yakui

  1. Zipphix says:

    # Reduce chance to be crit by 24%, wait… what??? really??? almost cancels a bw/sorc’s full comb/DM
    # Reduce crit damage by 50%, cancels bw/sorc’s full comb/DM bonus

    The 24% less is your base “To be crit”, it doesnt cancel any of ur opponents crit (as far as im aware off).

    The less crit dmg, is only from the “crit dmg”

    A normal crit, without modifier: (Example)
    1000 Dmg
    + 1000*0.5 (The crit dmg) = 500
    These 500 are halved (Cause of the renown)
    so it ends up being 1250 dmg 🙂

    • I might be misunderstanding the mechanics here…

      As I understand it, lets say someone has a 10% chance to be crit, a sorc then rolls up with 50% crit chance. therefore each spell cast at said person by said sorc has a 60% chance of being a crit.

      The reason I said it was cancelling is that if in the above example, the target takes the 24% less chance to be crit then he’s at a base of -14%, add to this the sorc’s 50% gives a 36% chance for a spell to crit.

      As to the crit damage thing

      the sorc’s mechanic at 100 gives +100% crit damage, so 1000 + (0.5*1000)*2 = 2000
      the RA drops this crit damage by 50% taking it back to 1000 + (0.5*1000)*2*0.5 = 1500

      so this effectively cancels out the crit damage bonus granted by full dark magic

  2. Zipphix says:

    I think ur misunderstanding me.

    As far as i know, u cant “negate” and opponents crit that way, u only reduce ur “help to him”

    So in ur example, sorc comes with 50% crit, ur dude gets this, then the sorc will still crit 50% of the time.

    The crit dmg reducing, is not from the final dmg. its only the extra dmg which is half.

    • “sorc comes with 50% crit, ur dude gets this, then the sorc will still crit 50% of the time”

      if this was true then what would be the point in ‘reduced chance to be crit’ and initiative?

      “The crit dmg reducing, is not from the final dmg. its only the extra dmg which is half.”

      and if you read my calculations you’ll see thats what i’ve done!

      1000 base, 1000 crit damage (500 doubled due to sorc mechanic), halve this for realm abiltiy to 500, total = 1500

      therefore it EFFECTIVELY cancels, it doesn’t directly cancel it.

  3. Zipphix says:

    Didnt bother reading ur calculation. (Still havent)

    If it cancels out the extra, then u still get the full “normal” crit atleast.

    And, the point of iniative and reduced chance to be crit, is to reduce how much u help ur opponent crit.

    If you have -10% or -100% doesnt make any diffrence. the 50% crit sorc will stil crit 50% of the time.

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