Posted: 14/10/2010 in General, WAR
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you’ll be sorely missed!

Sure, a lot of it was out of date, but there really was no where else with the resources this had, especially spell details ( is probably the next best thing)

So, curse are working on a major new WAR project… could be interesting?

Anyone know anyone willing to write a career builder app? This was probably the thing I used most on wardb (second most would be the renown builder) and as far as I know, there isn’t another one out there. If someone can correct me that would be brilliant. Failing that… Anyone want to write one? 🙂

  1. ep says:

    Still desperate for a builder 🙂 All my guildies asking the same thing. A working one with google ads might be easy cash for someone!! go go 🙂

    nerf sorcs btw 😛

  2. I might have a crack at a career builder, unfortunately, unlike the renown abilities its different for each class so is a lot more work (completely different morales, tactics, spells etc…) not to mention actually finding the time to do it

    (and please don’t nerf sorcs any more :))

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