Scenari-Oh Oh Oh its magic!

Posted: 13/10/2010 in General, PvP, WAR
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Oh i love scenarios, we had a great group lasyt night with some awesome fights

our group…

Squitch – Zeal
Hellmedic – Sham
Disarm – BlOrc
Finnark – Mara
Litless – dps DoK
Merilees – Sorc

we won most scenarios (which is always a bonus) and had some really nice fights – Kudos to facemelting’s & ishum’s groups – though when someone shouts ‘facemelting/ishum up’ and we all switch target to focus them down I kinda feel sorry for them, but thats the way of the game, and hey, if you’re getting focused it means you’re doing your job right

beginning a sc and seeing someone like ishum in there will always prompt the line ‘kill ishum first, he f***ing hurts’

clocked up around 50k renown last night so I’m only 30k away from 67 and warlord shoulders (yay!) which will no doubt prompt another re-working of equipment (need to get my grubby little paws on DP boots for more crit)


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