Epic ToVL Fail

Posted: 06/10/2010 in General, PvE, WAR
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FIrst off, a disclaimer, as a guild, Rigante have only recently really started running tovl raids and getting anywhere. As we all took a break to play Aion and a few other things most of us are around rr60-70 and with 2 rr80s and only 2 other people rr70+

So, on Sunday evening we went to tovl, and completed 5th boss with little to no problems and last night we went back to box it off

Our group setup was:

Chosen – Karrnock – rr80
Zealot – Squitch – rr66
Zealot – Zalera – rr5x (the shammy we took on the original run couldn’t make it last night)
Sorc – Merilees – rr66
Melee DoK – Litless – rr80
Choppa – Mykael – rr6x (i think)

We had a nightmare with 6th. got the first two lords down pretty easily even with our chosen lagging to death, we had multiple d/c’s and squitch fell through the floor twice when standing on different pillars on the last lord, which also enraged twice.

On the time we dropped it, Mykael d/c’d with the lord on ~50%. somehow our remaining (uber) dps managed to finish it off before it enraged (including zalera switching to offensive harbinger and dps-ing, squitch had fell through the floor at this point)

So, we dropped the lord and (typically) the choppa glyph dropped, which as Mykael had d/c’d he couldn’t roll on (the inevitable taunting that followed was the highlight of the night). Somehow, litless also won the gold bag, I think this was a bug 😉

Anyway, on to 7th. This is only the second time we’ve got to 7th as a guild and last time we cleared him pretty easily once we’d figured out what we were doing. This time however a different story

It started off badly when Karrnock died when starting the encounter for the first time, reset

Stages 1 & 2 were a cake walk

Stage 3 we failed on every single time. After watching some videos of the fight this morning I’ve realised that we were moving around within LoS too much and too many people getting gtae’s dropped on them and getting hit by lightning at the same time. We’ll take lessons on this for next time

Next time I’m online for an evening though, stuff PvE and back to killing people \o/


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