Current Sorc Spec (Single Target)

Posted: 05/10/2010 in General, Sorceror, WAR
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So, this is my current spec, and it works wonders in PvP and has the added bonus that I don’t really need to respec for PvE (unlike when I ran bomb spec and spent a fortune respeccing every week)

Some thoughts on abilties I’ve taken and skipped;

Recover Energy – useless
Echo of Power – Brilliant skill, crits for around 1500, can destroy Witch Hunters that use Shroud of Magnus if you get the chance to use it
Tapping the Dark – I actually quite like this skill, but I find it more useful to have more killy power and let the healers worry about keeping people alive. Also, with the other tactics I have, the only one really suitable for removal is Frozen Fury, without which, this tactic is next to useless
Impending Doom – high damage, instant cast, builds 40 dark magic – what’s not to like?
Swell of Gloom – relatively poor damage, can’t crit, doesn’t get contribution from stats (I think) and guaranteed to backlash… Just not enough benefit over frozen fury
Shades of Death – just garbage, waste of a GCD

Vision of Domination – practically doubles WoP damage and reduces the timer on it, brilliant
Gloom of Night – This is a bone of contention for me, sometimes I spec for it, sometimes I don’t. It certainly has its place. However, with my current rotation it just doesn’t fit it. Add to that the fact that it will break staggers willy and indeed nilly and I just can’t bring myself to spec for it
Shadow of Disaster – Spirit debuff, awesomesauce. My only regret is that Doombolt isn’t spirit damage, but hey ho, you can’t have everything
Hand of Ruin – Kinda hits like two Impending Dooms if you leave it running for the second tick (2 secs), but you can use it on the run just as effectively. Love this spell
Chilling Gusts – Can be quite effective, but Frozen touch with frozen fury slotted foes comparable damage and doesn’t cost a spec point
Absorb Vit – now they fixed it, its pretty much worthless

Tactic Choices:
Endless Knowledge – capped Int with this tactic
VoD & SoD – see above
Frozen Fury – added dps

Morale Choices:
Misdirection – use this when fighting lots of bright wizzies. if soloing, this is swapped for mage bolt
Focused Mind – 1.5s doombolt spam
Scintillating Energy – nice stagger, generally used on a random healer in group vs group, but most of the time, M2 gets used anyway

Well, the standard rotation is – Chillwind, Word of Pain, Vision of Torment, Arctic Blast, Gloomburst, Impending Doom, Hand of Ruin (2 ticks maximum)

And assuming its a non-tank and isn’t guarded the burst is high enough to pretty much kill any player due to the ridiculously high burst potential in a very short space of time


So you can see that WoP is the first major damaging spell to land, and 3 seconds after that everything else has landed on the target as well. Arctic Blast is a 2 second cast, but has travel time which I’ve assumed (for the sake of argument) is 1 second

  1. Ato says:

    it is better put chillwill after WOP/VOT so you have more chillwill debuff for next cast

    • except that by doing that your wop/vot will get cleansed first

      and as CW lasts 9 seconds (assuming it isn’t cleansed) it only expires at the point where you’re up to casting HoR

      if you’re fighting solo vs something that can’t cleanse, then yeah I’d agree with you though. But I think thats a bit situational for a general guide

  2. see discussion on WHA for this, ultimately, yes you can. chillwind is a curse. WP’s purify ability removes curses

    • Ato says:

      so we can’t dispel BW dot, but they can dispel ours? wow nice -.-

      ty for info

      • each of the healer classes can remove 2 of the 3 types of debuff

        as wardb has closed i can’t confirm which classes do what now

        BWs also have an ability called cauterize which lets them remove 1 debuff from themselves

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